The Tom Cruise Rumors

Show guest Chris Norton believes that the recent rumors affecting Tom Cruise are a result of a rejected woman.(0:27:53)

Thanksgiving Dilemma

Chris Norton calls the show for help with a moral dilemma: he wants to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his girls family, but he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea! from [...]

I’ll Teach Your Man To Dance!

Chris Norton, founder of "Chris Norton Entertainment" joins the program to discuss and demonstrate his seductive dancing classes for men. As Chris proves over the phone, men can be [...]

Bringin Back the Speedo

Chris Norton is kicking off his “Chris 2000” tour this summer and has big plans to bring back the speedo!(0:21:42)

I Gots A Limo With A Disco Ball!

Chris is escorting a 17 year old high school girl to prom this year and he is determined to make it as special as possible.   April 30th, 2002.

On Shania Twain

Chris Norton believes Shania Twain is the hottest woman in music right now. Nice breasts, beautiful face...very, very hot lookin'. Nevermind her talent, of course.(0:23:00)

Big Sunglasses & Fright Wigs

Chris' mother assaulted him as a result of finding out that he had scratched off one of her lottery tickets, now he's charging her with assault! Don't worry, he's using the money [...]

Hermosa Beach Safety Patrol

Chris Norton, telemarketer by week, and beach safety patrol by weekend joins the program to discuss how he helps fix the bathing suits of women who have fallen asleep on the beach. [...]

Character Voice Court

Phil's characters file a class action lawsuit against their host. Featuring appearances by attorney Harvey Wireman, Larry Grover, R.C. Collins, Bobbie Dooley, Jeff Dowder, Mavis [...]

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