Bitch Slap Festival

Bobbie's calls in to talk about her kid's gated community soccer league. If other parents tell Bobbie and Steve to calm down, they have no problem getting right up in their faces! [...]

Black Drivers

Bob Greene of Apex-1 driving school says blacks get more tickets because their feet are heavier than that of a white man. from June 1999.(0:36:37)

Blind Haunted House

Bob Greene is on to discuss donating money so the visually impaired can have a haunted house. Listeners and callers believe Bob is exploiting the blind.(0:36:31)

Bob McGraw’s Rain Gauge

From an unofficial sponsor... McGraw Industries offers this fine product to measure this year's rainfall. At just $15, they're a real steal!(0:00:00)

Bobbie & the French

Bobbie will be going to France and asking for California Wine at all the restaurants. The most important thing to remember when speaking to the French is to begin every sentence [...]

Bobbie Helps the Elderly

Bobbie has been asked to resign from the Homeowners Association because she was found sneaking into an old mans house to do a strip tease for him.(0:24:43)

Bobbie Knows About ENRON

With ENRON weighing heavily in the news, Phil speaks with Bobbie Dooley regarding her discussion with a group of elementary school students on the unbelievable importance of ENRON. [...]

Bottled Water & Y2k

Some poor cashier gets in between "a dog and her meat" when she tells Bobbie she can only purchase two cases of water right before Y2k. from December 1999.(0:17:52)

Breaking Kenny G News

A bright, sunny, California day is ruined by the announcement that Kenny G has just extended his contract with Arista.(0:06:44)

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