Dicaprio & Clinton

Doug is angry with ABC after they refused to air a show with Leonardo DiCaprio interviewing Bill Clinton. Doug believes they didn't air the interview because there was way too much [...]

Doug’s Star Wars Review

Entertainment reporter Doug Dannger gives us his review of the newly released Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. from May 2002.(0:05:06)

Ellen & Ann

Gay journalist Doug Danger says the harassment that Ellen DeGeneres and Ann Heche has undergone has finally taken its toll. from KFI.(0:29:42)

Gay Burglarized

Doug's house gets broken into but he doesn't want to report it to the police because gay men are already stereotyped as "victims." from April 1999.(0:32:32)

Gay Cell Phone Access

As a gay man and gay journalist, Doug Dannger is affected by the Verizon strike and demands full service for gay users. from August 2000.(0:28:35)

Gay Men Love Ross

Doug Dannger claims that gay guys watch Friends for David Schwimmer because he has such a great body. from May 2000.(0:15:19)

Gay People Will Save Marriage

Doug Dannger, columnist from the Orange County Courier comments on the new polls that show the American public is shifting in their opinion of gay marriage. from March 2004.(0:38:19)

I Can Keep My Mouth Shut!

Doug is adamant on the fact that being a Gay Man and a Gay journalist, he knows how to keep a secret!(0:04:29)


Gay man, gay journalist Doug Dannger discusses the Top 100 Movie Moments... but gets a little side-tracked. And when things don't go Doug's way, David G. Hall intervenes.(0:39:30)

Joe Retard

Doug Dannger is pitching a new reality show to the TV networks where a group of women will try to marry a physically disabled millionaire. from February 2003.(0:19:04)

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