Friday, May 28, 2010

Our show began with a discussion of abusive bill collectors, many of whom threaten people with violence or humliate them with name -calling. Jay Santos of the [...]

Friday, April 9, 2010

In the first hour, an idea courtesy of listener Glen has Brad Rivkind defending Bruce Redmond, 'Survivor' producer, from the possibility he''ll be charged with [...]

Women Love Losers

Entertainment reporter Doug Dannger comments on why Ben Affleck was voted Sexiest Man in People magazine... Doug believes women are really attracted to losers. from November [...]

Politicians and Hollywood

Doug believes that politicians are impotent without Hollywood, and if he doesn't win the approval of Barbara Streisand then he should lay low.(0:33:02)

Joe Retard

Doug Dannger is pitching a new reality show to the TV networks where a group of women will try to marry a physically disabled millionaire. from February 2003.(0:19:04)

Ellen & Ann

Gay journalist Doug Danger says the harassment that Ellen DeGeneres and Ann Heche has undergone has finally taken its toll. from KFI.(0:29:42)

Gay Men Love Ross

Doug Dannger claims that gay guys watch Friends for David Schwimmer because he has such a great body. from May 2000.(0:15:19)

Academy Awards (in HomoVision)

Film critic Doug Dannger is covering the Academy Awards and wants to be the first gay journalist to sit within 10 rows of the stage.(0:30:45)

Gay Cell Phone Access

As a gay man and gay journalist, Doug Dannger is affected by the Verizon strike and demands full service for gay users. from August 2000.(0:28:35)

Top 10 Rock & Roll Records

As a Gay man and gay journalist, Doug Danger is able to critique things more honestly than the average straight male. That's why he's compiled his own list of the Top 10 Rock and [...]

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